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MRKT Trunnions & Options

Let's discuss the MRKT Trunnions, Adapters, & Stock/Brace options.

We currently offer *3* MRKT Trunnions:

MRKT-DRACO - compatible with Micro Draco, Mini Draco, Full Size Draco, and most AK pistols. If you're doing a fresh build from scratch, this is a great option to pop in that receiver.

MRKT-AKM - compatible with most fixed style AKM & AK74 stamped receivers - including the Mighty WASR & PSA Puzzle Piece.

MRKT-AKMS - compatible with Russian, Polish, & Hungarian Underfolders as well as the new Lynx & Mini Jax pistols.


Moving right along to adapters.

Mounting options include the following:

MRKT Folding Mech - JMac MRKT folding mechanism, more details HERE.

MRKT Non-folding adapter - for builds that do *not* want folding capabilities.

RSA-MRKT - great for 1913 style stocks/braces, will also require Sig Folding Mech.

M4-MRKT - excellent for non-folding M4 style stocks/braces.

M4-ACE - buffer tube style option for the ACE setup.


Now, that you're outfitted with a trunnion and adapter, let's check out the selection of Stocks & Braces.

ST-6 - skeletonized tube, which may be configured as a stock (fits *most* m4 stocks) or brace (w/SBA3).

SS-8 - skeletonized stock, 8" length.

SS-8R - skeletonized stock, 8" length, w/cheek rise.

AB-8 - arm bar, 8" length. May be configured as a brace with AB-BAMod1 Tailhook by GearHeadWorks OR stock with JMac Buttplate.

AB-8R - arm bar, 8" length, w/cheek rise. May be configured as a brace with AB-BAMod1 Tailhook by GearHeadWorks OR stock with JMac Buttplate.

Buttplate - folding buttplate option for the AB-8 & AB-8R.


If you're looking to upgrade the tail end of your Draco/AKM/AKMS style pistol or rifle, we have an array of options to suit your needs.

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