1913 Folding Mech (SIG)

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Sig 1913 folding mechanism.

Reviews (9)

Folding mech

Written by Justin on Jul 16th 2021

This folding mechanism surpassed my expectations. The skeleton stock is badass. My Zastava looks mean as hell.

Folding mEch

Written by Pilo on Jun 28th 2021

Great fit!

Sig folding Mech

Written by Jason on May 24th 2021

Locks up tight as advertised, recommend.

Awesome product

Written by AlEx K on May 17th 2021

The folding mech is incredible. Extremely smooth and perfect for its uses. If it’s in stock, buy one, as they sell extremely fast

1913 folding mech

Written by Bobby on Feb 4th 2021

Installed this on my Zastava m92 pistol. It’s easy to install at the perfect height. I also like that it is reversible so I can decide whether I want it to fold right or left. Along with the Ab-8r arm bar and tailhook, my pistol is so much more functional.

Great product

Written by Jorge Ortiz on Feb 3rd 2021

If your thinking about getting this SIG MECH, don’t think twice about it just get it, you won’t regret it.!!! :)

1913 Folding Mech

Written by Curtis A Hedrick on Jan 26th 2021

Great product.... a little stiff at first but does loosen up .

1913 mech

Written by David on Nov 28th 2020

Absolutely perfect! Solid folding mech for my Galil Ace with zero play.

Rock solid

Written by Rainman.PNW on Oct 14th 2020

Not a lot to comment on - it's a folding mechanism. But it is a rock solid folding mechanism, and super compact at the same time. No push buttons to lock or unlock, simply position your hand slightly behind the hinge and lift slightly while pushing your thumb down into the receiver side and it will lift out of the locking catch and swing to the left smoothly. It stays folded, but with a quick pull it will snap open and lock into place fast. JMac is the only place I've seen these knuckles available for sale individually - a great resource for builders looking to develop their own skeletonized braces or stocks.

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