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AKV Build

Pistol Caliber Carbines or PCC for short have been picking up more popularity in competition shooting as well as everyday carry. With the ability to build a compact blaster and the cheaper prices of ammo it makes sense.

Competition Shooters have been switching to PCC platforms (depending on their class) for a variety of reasons. Keeping the training costs lower is always a plus and a pistol caliber platform can do just that! Running a PCC can be a fun way to help improve your rifle handling skills outside of USPSA matches by building a similar setup to your competition rig. Incorporating a new platform to your competition or training regimen opens the doors to learning new ways of efficiency with your movements that you wouldn’t think of in your regular routine training. With a plethora of benefits to be had adding a PCC into the lineup could benefit you in more ways than one.

Diving into the everyday carry or EDC side of PCC builds is where they gain the most popularity on social media and in day-to-day life. We can start off by saying a smaller compact build is obviously easier to conceal in a bag or case to transport with you on a daily basis. Having a smaller PCC also allows you to run a suppressor while still maintaining that compact profile. Again, the cheaper cost of ammo is a huge plus for training, classes, and potentially getting into competition to better your firearm skills. Depending on the PCC platform you build some parts from your standard caliber rifles are compatible with each other like triggers, stocks, braces, grips, handguards, etc. Ultimately, if you’re in the market for another fun build with endless upgrades look into adding a PCC to your collection.

Personally, I think PCC platforms are unique in their own way and although some would say they are gimmicky, can be that golden egg. With the ballistics of a pistol caliber, you don’t need a long barrel to get maximum velocity therefore running a suppressor tucked underneath the handguard can allow you to maintain a smaller profile without minimizing effectiveness. Some PCC builds can accept the same magazines as your carry pistol allowing you to utilize the same magazines on both platforms. The compatibility between standard caliber rifle parts can also make building a PCC even easier and cheaper by searching through that old parts bin to see what you have collecting dust and build from there. Like any platform the PCC has its own areas where it shines the most.

Featured in this blog is my 9mm Palmetto State Armory AKV decked out in JMAC upgrades from head to toe! Starting at the business end is the Resilient Suppressors RS9. The compatibility with JMAC X37 muzzle devices and a variety of other popular suppressor hosts makes this a solid suppressor option. Their special design to reduce what people call “port-pop” that you hear on typical blow back style actions is a huge benefit. Coming in at 7” and 12.5 ounces you can still keep that PCC build nice and short. This can is rated for:

9mm (Full Auto Rated – No Barrel Restrictions)

357 Magnum/ 38 Special (No Barrel Restrictions)

300 BLK Subsonic (8” Barrel or Longer)

350 Legend (16” Barrel or Longer)

Next up we have the Inforce WML weapon light on a Magpul Offset Mount to put it in a more ergonomic location on the handguard. That setup is mounted to an optimal length 8” MMS handguard topped with the AKV length gas tube. The MMS handguard system is an awesome way to modernize your AK with M-Lok capabilities, increase your accuracy from the free float design, and give your kalash a one-of-a-kind custom look! Riding underneath is the JMAC HRD or hand retention device that allows for various grip styles and help in barricade work. 

For an optic I chose the SLx RS10 from Primary Arms which turned out to be low enough to co-witness with the stock sights. The Magpul pistol grip was swapped out for the SPG from JMAC to help shave some weight and fit the overall aesthetics of the AK. Of course, you’ve gotta add a folder to a build like this so I went with the JMAC 1913 folding Mech combined with the 8” Arm Bar and folding butt stock. Don’t forget to grab the appropriate cheek riser to give you the perfect sight alignment with your optic as well. There aren’t too many options when it comes to upgraded triggers for an AK but, my finger landed on one from ALG Defense. To wrap up the build I had all the JMAC goods sent to Guncuts to get coated in Magpul OD Green cerakote. At the end of the day when you’re taking that build to the next level make sure you look super cool and find upgrades to elevate your overall experience. Stay safe and train hard.