Production Update (NEW)

If you're interested in a sold out item, add yourself to the email "Notify Me" list. This is found directly on each sold out product page.

If the "Notes" Column below states:

  • "Sign up for Notify Me" - no ETA for this product, however we do plan on manufacturing them again.
  • "In Queue" - Will start machining soon
  • "Coming Soon" - New Product, will be available for the first time
  • "Ordered" - Product has been ordered, waiting on external vendor to supply

Not all products will remain in stock moving forward, some SKUs will be eliminated while others will only be manufactured once or twice a year.

Last Updated: 6/14/2022

SKU In Stock Kitting Secondary Finishing Machining Notes
2C-22-SG-12 X        
AB-8 X X X    
AB-8-T X X      
AB-8R X X      
AB-8R-T X X      
AB-9 X X X    
AB-9-T X X      
AB-9R X X X X  
AB-9R-T X        
AB-BA X X X    
AB-FB X X X    
AK-74-CR         Ordered
AK47-CW X        
AKG3 X        
AKGSCRW X        
AKPGSB X        
AKYUGO         Ordered
AR-FLR X X      
BBL-5.45-12.5-28-CHF         Sign up for Notify Me
BBL-5.45-14.5-28-CHF         Sign up for Notify Me
BBL-5.45A-12.5-28-CHF         Sign up for Notify Me
BBL-5.45A-14.5-28-CHF         Sign up for Notify Me
BBL-7.62-12.5-14-CHF         Sign up for Notify Me
BBL-7.62-14.5-14-41v50         Sign up for Notify Me
BDS-12 X        
BDS-20 X X      
BDS-37 X X X    
CRIM-50-S X        
CRIM-75-S X        
CRIM25 X        
CRIM50 X        
CRIM75 X        
DA428 X        
DA444 X        
DA451 X        
DSC102 X        
FM-SM-1913 X        
FM-SM-MRKT X        
FSP-4.5 X        
FSP-5.5 X        
GBC-13-W X        
GBC-13-W-ADJ X        
GBC-13-WO X        
GBC-13-WO-ADJ X        
GFH-14F-KM X        
GFH-15F-KM X        
GFH-28S-KM X        
GFH-30S-KM X        
GFHC-13LS-KM X        
GFHC-13RS-KM X        
GFHC-14 X X X X  
GFHC-14-M X        
GFHC-14F-KM X X      
GFHC-16F-KM X        
GFHC-28-M X        
GFHC-28F-KM X        
GFHC-28S-KM X        
GFHC-30S-KM X        
HRD-1 X        
HRD-1-T X X      
HRD-EXT-T X X      
IMR X        
LAF-13R X        
LAF-14 X        
LAF-16 X        
LAF-16L X        
LAF-24 X        
LAF-26 X        
LAF-28 X        
LAF-30 X        
M4-ACE X        
M4-AK X X X    
M4-AKM X        
M4-MAK X        
M4-MAK-S X        
M4-MRKT X        
MOD-2-4.5 X X X    
MOD-2-5.5 X        
MRKT-AKM X        
MRKT-DRACO X        
RET-PLATE-M X        
RRD-2C-13LS-KM X        
RRD-2C-13RS-KM X        
RRD-2C-14-S X        
RRD-2C-14F-KM X        
RRD-2C-14F-X20 X        
RRD-2C-14F-X37 X        
RRD-2C-15F-KM X        
RRD-2C-16F-KM X        
RRD-2C-16LF-KM X        
RRD-2C-24F-X37 X X      
RRD-2C-26F-X37 X        
RRD-2C-28-S-556 X        
RRD-2C-28-S-9 X        
RRD-2C-28S-KM X        
RRD-2C-28S-X12 X        
RRD-2C-28S-X20 X        
RRD-2C-28S-X37 X        
RRD-2C-30S-KM X        
RRD-2C-30S-KM-45 X        
RRD-2C-30S-X12 X        
RRD-2C-30S-X12-45 X        
RRD-2C-30S-X20 X        
RRD-2C-30S-X37 X        
RRD-2C-30S-X37-45 X        
RRD-2C-36-S-9 X        
RRD-2C-36S-KM X        
RRD-2C-36S-X12 X        
RRD-2C-578S-KM-45 X        
RRD-360-13LS-KM X        
RRD-360-13RS-KM X        
RRD-360-14F-KM X        
RRD-360-14F-X20 X        
RRD-360-14F-X37 X        
RRD-360-15F-KM X   X    
RRD-360-16F-KM     X    
RRD-360-16LF-KM X X X    
RRD-360-24F-KM         Coming Soon!
RRD-360-24F-X20 X        
RRD-360-24F-X37 X   X X  
RRD-360-26F-KM         Coming Soon!
RRD-360-26F-X20 X        
RRD-360-26F-X37 X     X  
RRD-360-28F-KM X   X    
RRD-360-28S-KM X        
RRD-360-28S-X12 X        
RRD-360-28S-X20 X        
RRD-360-28S-X37 X        
RRD-360-30S-KM X        
RRD-360-30S-X12 X        
RRD-360-30S-X12-45 X        
RRD-360-30S-X20 X        
RRD-360-30S-X37 X        
RRD-360-30S-X37-45 X   X    
RRD-360-36S-KM     X   Coming Soon
RRD-360-36S-X12         Coming Soon
RRD-360-578S-KM-45     X X Coming Soon
RRD-360-578S-X12-45 X        
RRD-360-578S-X37-45 X        
RRD-4C-12-Mobil X X      
RRD-4C-13LS-KM X        
RRD-4C-13RS-KM X        
RRD-4C-14 X        
RRD-4C-14-S X X      
RRD-4C-14F-KM X X      
RRD-4C-16F-KM X        
RRD-4C-16LF-KM X        
RRD-4C-22-SG-12 X        
RRD-4C-24 X        
RRD-4C-26 X        
RRD-4C-28-S-9 X        
RRD-4C-28F-KM X        
RRD-4C-28S-KM X        
RRD-4C-30 X        
RRD-4C-30S-KM         In Queue
RSA-4.5 X X X X  
RSA-5.5 X X      
RSA-ACE X        
RSA-AKM X X      
RSA-AKP X X      
RSA-AMD X        
RSA-AR X        
RSA-EVO         Sign up for Notify Me
RSA-GALIL X        
RSA-MP5 X X      
RSA-MP5K X X   X  
RSA-MRKT X X      
RSA-SCAR X        
RSA-SF X X X    
RSA-YAKP X        
RSA-YFS X        
SA-C39V2P-02 X        
SA-FNPARA-02 X        
SFG X   X    
SFG-T X X      
SIG-HGR         Sign up for Notify Me
SM-1913         Coming Soon
SM-4.5 X X   X  
SM-5.5 X X   X  
SM-MRKT X       Sign up for Notify Me
SM-SF X X      
SM-TP9         Sign up for Notify Me
SS-8 X        
SS-8-T X        
SS-8R X X   X  
SS-8R-T         Sign up for Notify Me
ST-6 X X      
ST-6-T X        
Shim-Face-Metric X        
TA-30-28S     X    
TA-X56-37          In Queue
TH1C-BLK-RET          Sign up for Notify Me
TLPACK X        
TS-8 X