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✨Draco 9S Glow-Up✨

Want to go from BASIC to BALLER? We've got you!

Here's how to achieve this look:

First, snag the Draco 9S from Atlantic Firearms.

Next, let's outfit in JMac!

Stock Adapter - RSA-AKP

1913 Folding Mechanism

Gucci Green 8" Triangle Stock - TS-8P-G

.5" Cheek Riser

Gucci Green Pistol Grip - SPG-AK-G

AK9 - Charging Handle

MMS - 8" AK Handguard with Sling Loop Cut + Option Gas Tube -AKVP

Gucci Green Handguard Accessories - SFG-G+HRD-1-G

Keymount Muzzle Device - RRD-360HD-28F-KM

**Alternatively, if you prefer the Black or Boujie Tan accessory options -- snag those in place of Gucci Green

Now, the bells & whistles:

LBE G3 Trigger

Krebs Safety Selector

Khyber Customs Retaining Plate

Cloud Defensive - Rein 3.0-ODG with Torrent Mount SBR

Holosun - HS503CU 20MM Micro Red Dot Sight

And that's how you take your Draco 9S from BASIC..

..to GUCCI!