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1913 Folding Mech

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Finally our own 1913 folding mechanism!

FM-SM-1913 - 1913 Folding Mechanism

  • Clamps on any "1913" or "Picatiny" Rail
  • Works with all of our ArmBar, Skeleton Stocks and Skeleton Tubes
  • Works with SIG MPX/MCX folding braces/stocks
  • Folds Left or Right
  • Has 2 height adjustments
  • 4140 HT
  • Black Nitdride    
  • Torque spec: 20 in/lb.
  • Adds approx .5" to stock/brace length
  • Allows your stock/brace to lock in the folded position

JMac 1913 folding mechanism.

Reviews (6)

Solid Folding mech

Written by Mathew Anderson on Oct 26th 2023

The JMAC folding mech is a simple but effective folding adapter. Nothing feels cheap, it locks up tightly, very simple to install and it locks up the JMAC stocks perfectly so there’s literally no wobble whatsoever. Strongly recommend you grab one of these with whatever JMAC stock you choose to grab.

Sturdy, works, looks dumb clean.

Written by Jacob Hernandez on Sep 15th 2023

It snaps into place with no play. Feels sturdy against the shoulder when you shoot and when you have it folded or deployed it feels super solid. 5/5 stars for this mount.

1913 fol mechanism

Written by Albert Ortiz on Nov 26th 2022

Excellent folding mechanism that allows you to fold your stock to the left or right. It is well built and to last. The nice thing of using this mechanism is that it gives you lots of options for stocks.

Jmac folding mech

Written by Bud on Jan 13th 2022

Superb machining...locks up wiggle no play..excellent design cant beat this folding mech...

Great fit, sturdy, extremely well-made.

Written by Dylan M on Aug 28th 2021

Works great with my folding metal stock, lock-up is very solid but isn't impossible to release fast to deploy the stock.


Written by D. on Jul 28th 2021

This is the most solid folding mechanism on the planet. It feels like you welded it once it's open. It is extremely stout to leverage to fold. But once open you will not find anything, on any gun, like it. Period.

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