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Rainier Arms, Now a JMac Customs Distributor!

We are very excited to announce that Rainier Arms is now a JMac Customs Distributor.

Rainier Arms, if you didn't already know, is an online Firearm Parts Distributor based in Washington state with a focus of only the best AR parts/accessories. We have purchased several items from them, in the past, and if you want to buy the best parts for you AR this is the place to get them!

Ok, So I know you are asking, "I'm an AK guy/gal, why would I shop with an AR distributor?"

With all the new hype surrounding the Kalashnikov, over the past few years, Rainier Arms decided to expand their offerings to include Kalashnikov parts/accessories. In the Rainier Arms fashion, they wanted only the best, so they reached out to us & we're glad they did!

We look forward to expanding their offerings of JMac products and hope Rainier does well with the cross-platform approach they are taking!

Check out our products on their website! JMac Customs Parts at Rainier Arms