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Retainer Cover QD Sling Mount

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The RC-QD QD Sling Attachment and MMS Sling Loop Bridge, is the perfect accessory for your MLOK handguard. The RC-QD attaches to any MLOK surface and adds a front QD attachment point for your sling and is reversible which allows you to place it in a position that’s ergonomic to your hand. In addition to QD sling swivels, the RC-QD will also be compatible with most universal sling loop attachments. 

An additional feature of the RC-QD is that it bridges the gap created by the sling loop cutout on the JMAC MMS Handguard. This increases the rigidity of the handguard out past the sling loop cutout. In addition, the RC-QD offers protection for the shooter's hand against heat created by the lower handguard retainer and protruding sling loop on Kalashnikov pattern firearms. We highly recommend that the RC-QD be used with any MMS with a sling loop cutout. 

The RC-QD's profile also allows it to be used as a standoff between your firearm and surfaces such as barricades. This allows for better control of your firearm and faster follow-up shots when used against a barricade or other similar surface.


  • Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum 
  • Weight: 2.1oz
  • Length: 1.5 M-LOK Slots
  • Finish: Hardcoat Anodize

Reviews (1)

Small but super effective

Written by Mathew Anderson on Nov 6th 2023

Normally, I’d probably scoff at the idea of a small part and would assume it wouldn’t be much of a game changer. I installed the retainer cover and damn. I love how it sits on the handguard and I have it in a spot that is perfect for my thumb to somewhat “lock” my grip in. For such a small part, it’s absolutely changes the overall feel, especially if you’re one that needs something like a handstop to perch your palm on. This little guy certainly completes the feel! Hopefully we get to see these made in some of the other colors!

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