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FRD 26F M26X1.5L Zastava M85/M92 FaceMount Only

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(F)lash (R)eduction (D)evice (26) 26-1.5LH Threads (F)acemount (13.7) Pin/Weld Compatible on 13.7 Barrel (20)1.203-28 Threaded Cone


*This product is being sold as FACEMOUNT ONLY as the detent notches only work on M85.

Introducing the all NEW FRD Flash Reduction Device: Say goodbye to blinding flash and hello to enhanced reliability! 

Our compact 1.25" diameter device drastically reduces flash while seamlessly fitting under common 1.3" ID handguards. With a two-piece design, the FRD offers easy installation and maintenance, and its flash cones are available in various bore sizes to accommodate multiple calibers. The built-in taper lock prevents carbon build-up, and the suppressor wrench features ensure effortless assembly / disassembly. The knurled exterior, precision machining, and 17-4ph stainless steel construction with QPQ black nitride finish guarantee durability. 

With an overall length of just over 3”, the FRD is optimal for any build. Experience reduced flash, increased accuracy, and unrivaled reliability with our game-changing Flash Reduction Device.

* 26-1.5LH Muzzle Threads

* 2-Piece Design

* Removable Flash Cone

* OAL: 3.05” (w/o Flash Cone Installed)

* Added Length: 2.42” 

* 17-4ph Stainless Steel

* Black Nitride Finish

The FRD Flash Cone is available in three caliber-specific options. Using a flash cone that matches your specific caliber will yield the best results in regards to flash mitigation. Our 7.62 and 5.56 flash cones will be marked on the face of the cone for easy identification. 

* 9MM - 0.394” diameter bore, compatible with 9MM, 7.62, 5.56 and 5.45 (projectiles smaller than 0.394”)

* 7.62 - 0.358” diameter bore, compatible with 7.62, 5.56 and 5.45 (projectiles smaller than 0.358”)

* 5.56 - 0.261” diameter bore, compatible with 5.56 and 5.45 (projectiles smaller than 0.261”)

*Ensure that you are using the correct flash cone for your firearm and the flash cone is installed tight against the body prior to discharging your firearm. JMAC Customs LLC is not responsible for any damage or injury that may occur due to the improper use or installation of this Liability Statement: (READ BELOW)

The FRD Flash Reduction Device is a muzzle device that is designed to hide flash, redirect blast forward, and improve reliability by increasing back pressure. It is important to note that the flash cones are specific to the caliber of the firearm, and it is necessary to verify proper alignment, preferably with the assistance of a certified professional, before using the device. Before installation, it is crucial to follow all firearm safety measures.

JMac Customs, the manufacturer, does not accept any responsibility for any damages, injuries, or malfunctions that may occur due to improper installation, usage of incorrect cones, or any modifications made by the end user. The FRD is only approved for use in its original purchased form, from authorized dealers.

To ensure proper installation, the FRD should be tightly secured against the shoulder, muzzle face, or by using the detent notch (tighten fully, then back off until the notch engages). 

It is important to note that not all firearms are the same, so it is necessary to ensure that the bore of your firearm is concentric to the FRD before discharging your firearm.

Please strictly adhere to these guidelines to ensure the safe and proper usage of the FRD Flash Reduction Device.

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Written by Edgar on Jan 3rd 2024

Man this FRD looks so fine and it’s fits so well that’s it like og love all your product keep on doing the good work making costumers so happy…happy new year love from PR

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