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2024 New Product Announcements!

We are announcing 15 new products this year at Kalashbash 2069! The attendees will get a first look at our 2024 lineup and get an idea of what to expect from us in the coming months. 

ST-5 - An ultra compact version of our ST-6 Skeletonized Mil-spec Buffer Tube. With 5 positions of adjustment and 5” in length, this pairs perfectly with compact mil-spec stocks.

ST-7 - An extended version of our ST-6, the ST-7 is 1" longer and has 7 positions of adjustment. The ST-7 features 3 mounting holes for additional strength and allows the use of the QD swivel, even with the stock full collapsed.

ST-7R- The ST-7R features the same length and adjustment as our ST-7 with an additional riser built into the design  the ST-7R can be adjust to acheive the perfect cheek height for your firearm.

KUSA KP9 Handguard and Gas Tube GT-KPR9 7.72 AKM - The Modular Mounting System (MMS) is now available for the KP9 and KR9! The 7.72 MMS handguard is the optimal length for your KP9/KR9 which gives you the maximum amount of real estate, without sacrificing the ability to mount your favorite muzzle device and accessories.

SPG-AR - Skeleton Pistol Grip for AR-15 and similar firearms. The SPG-AR incorporates a modern ergonomic reduced angle design, with the JMAC flair you know and love!

Krink (AKSU) Handguard and Gas Tube 4.71 AKSU HG & GT-AKSU - The Modular Mounting System (MMS) is now available for Krinkov pattern firearms! The 4.71 MMS handguard extends to the lower handguard retainer which give you the ability to mount your favorite accessories without any permanent modification to your firearm!

PG-AK -The PG-AK features a non-skeletonized design for a more traditional look with the added benefit of a modern reduced angled grip.

TAB-MLOK - New MLok Handstop with more surface area, texture, and cable management

TAB-1913 - Our first 1913 Handstop! more surface area, texture, and cable management

Dust Cover AKM - Highly anticipated 1913 hinged dust cover for AKM

PG-AR - Non skeletonized pistol grip for the AK with a more vertical profile

AK Magwell - This magwell funnels the mag in making mag changes more efficent. It is an accessory to our MMS Handguard and attaches to the lower mount

Krink (AKSU) Dust cover - This attaches to AKS-74u pattern firearms and provides a 1913 interface for optics

SAM7K Gas Tube and Handguard

AK19 Muzzle Device 

Heat shields for MMS Handguards - These will help reduce the heat transfer from the barrel to the handguard