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BDS-37 Blast Diversion Shield - Bravo

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(B)last(D)iversion(S)hield(37) 1.375-24 threads


The BDS-37 Blast Diversion Shield was co-developed with our RRD-2C X series of muzzle brakes with external threads. This blast shield threads over any 1.375-24 threads and diverts the blast forward, reducing side blast/concussion.

In addition to threading over the RRD-2C X, the BDS can also be used with a wide range of suppressor adapters/mounts, see below.

Blast shield does NOT include any mounts, please select from pull down menu!

 If you plan on using with the following muzzle devices you will need the adapters

Reviews (9)


Written by Junior on Jun 7th 2022

This blast shield looks absolutely perfect under my handguard! Just the last 1/2" sticks out when mounted onto a keymo adapter. Works with keymo flash hiders and brakes too.


Written by Steve on May 30th 2022

Sweet addition to a spare Keymo mount. Threads smooth and clean lines. Already ordered a second one.


Written by UT74 on Dec 7th 2021

Wanting to add more of the the AKS-74U look to my KP9 SBR, I decided acquire the BDS37. To say the least it fit the bill perfectly and performed as designed. Sound and expanding gases are directed forward while sharing the aesthetic appeal of the 4 piece Bulgarian booster. Very well made and ZERO slop. I highly recommend to tighten this device down with a tool. Hand tight might have a tendency to come loose. Thumbs up!!!


Written by SEAN on Aug 26th 2021

This thing is the SHIT!!!! Versatile and well machined. Would be cool if it came with a wrench but no complaints here. Rigorous testing is forthcoming but I am sure it will hold up well.

Great product

Written by Daniel Salzman on Jul 20th 2021

This linear compensator or blast mitigation device works great it's a nice alternative that works great with my dead air keymo adapter.


Written by David on May 24th 2021

Another great product!! I love all the jmac products I have tried

BDS-37 w/ KeyMo

Written by Troy on Apr 7th 2021

I installed the BDS-37 onto my KeyMo mount and it fits perfectly. It looks great on my guns when I'm not running a suppressor. I have not had a chance to shoot with it yet, but I'm sure it will work very well based on the design alone. And the quality seems to be the expected typical high-quality of JMac products.


Written by Jorge Sandoval on Mar 24th 2021

Works the asr Bravo adapter and sound was mitigated forward without producing more recoil...will Def recommend (used with both Lantac Asr Dragon Muzzle Brake and Single Port Asr 9mm muzzle brake)

Atlas 7.62X39 Build

Written by Michael Vater on Oct 13th 2020

I couldn’t possibly be more satisfied with my purchase. The 10.5” barrel on my pistol can get loud at times and the Shield seriously improves the long days on the range. The corresponding Muzzle Break was an absolute must have. The Guards tight threading is smooth as silk when I remove it and the muzzle device makes an uncontrollable firearm a perfect target pistol.

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