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BDS-37 Blast Diversion Shield - HUB with KeyMo Adapter

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(B)last(D)iversion(S)hield(37) 1.375-24 threads with KeyMo adapter (not assembled)

Our BDS Blast Diversion Shield was co-developed with our RRD-2C X series of muzzle brakes with external threads.

This blast shield works with any standard KeyMount or KeyMicro muzzel device and diverts the blast forward, reducing side blast/concussion.


Reviews (1)

BDS-37 with KeyMo AdapteR

Written by Boris Del Cid on Nov 22nd 2021

I received the BDS-37 with the KeyMo adapter. The quality speaks for itself…SOLID! The installation was ridiculously easy….I thought maybe I did it wrong, cause it could not have been any easier. The design is nice and It looks fantastic.I have not gone to the range to shoot with it, but I am certain this product will be just as good as any other JMac products I own. The price is definitely up there…no doubt that it’s not cheap, but thankfully I can afford it. Price not withstanding, I give it a 5 stars

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