Production Update

Product In Queue Machining Nitride/ Anodizing Back In Stock
12.5" 5.45 Barrels No ETA      
12.5" 7.62 Barrels No ETA      
14.5" 5.45 Barrels No ETA      
14.5" 7.62 Barrels No ETA      
AB-8       X
AB-8R       X
AB-BA     X  
AR15-LR-F      X  
BDS-12       X
BDS-20       X
BDS-37       X
GBC-13 W ADJ X      
GBC-13 WO     X X
GBC-13 WO ADJ X      
GBC-13 W   X    
GFHC-14 Micro     x  
GFHC-14     x  
GFHC-28 Micro     x  
GFH-14F-KM       X
GFH-15F KM       X
GFH-28S-KM       X
GFH-30S-KM      X  
GFHC-28F-KM     X  
GFHC-28S-KM      X  
GFHC-30S-KM      X  
LAF-14       X
LAF-26       X
LAF-24       X
LAF-28       X
LAF-30       X
M4-AK       X
MOD-2 4.5       X
MRKT Folding Mech       X
MRKT-AKM       X
MTC-1 Temporarily Discontinued      
RRD-2C 14 Slim   X    
RRD-2C 14F X20 MARCH      
RRD-2C 14F X37 MARCH      
RRD-2C 24F X37 MARCH      
RRD-2C 26F X37 MARCH      
RRD-2C 28S X12 MARCH      
RRD-2C 28S X20 MARCH      
RRD-2C 28S X37 MARCH      
RRD-2C 30S X12 MARCH      
RRD-2C 30S X12 45 MARCH      
RRD-2C 30S X20 MARCH      
RRD-2C 30S X37 MARCH      
RRD-2C 36S X12 MARCH      
RRD-2C-28S-KM       X
RRD-4C 14       X
RRD-4C 24       X
RRD-4C-28F-KM       X
RRD-4C-30S-KM       X
RSA-AKM       X
RSA-MP5 Redesigning      
RSA-MP5K Redesigning      
RSA-SCAR Redesigning      
RSA-YAKP Redesigning      
SM-4.5      X  
SM-5.5 X      
SM-SF  X      
SS-8R     X  
ST-6   X   X

Updated 2/27/2021

Products not on the production sheet, are not en queue. If you're interested in a sold out item, add yourself to the email notification list, this may be found directly on each sold out product page.