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M4-AK Milled Receiver

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Buffer Tube
Castle Nut
Lock Plate
5mm L Wrench

Attach most M16/M4 style braces or stocks to your favorite Type 3 Milled Receiver AK-47 clone!

Our M4-AK Stock/Brace adapter is very unique in the way it mounts to the rifle! Ours has 2 anchors with large bolts and is INCREDIBLY STRONG!

NO PERMANENT MODIFICATIONS required!, the upper tang remains on the receiver, the lower tang is removed (not cut off) and our hardware used in place of it! If you want to switch back all you have to do is re-install the lower tang.

Why buy ours? Its incredibly strong, machined from 7075 and hardcoat anodized, offers an optimal cheek wield for irons and red dots, has built in QD sling points

  • 7075 Aluminum
  • Hardcoat Anodized
  • 2 QD sling mounts
  • 3/8" Cheek Rise
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • Weighs 3.88oz including mounting hardware

 Installation Video from DocHollywood_Actual

Reviews (9)

M4-AK Milled adapter

Written by Sanjay Jha on Sep 13th 2021

The M4-AK milled receiver stock adapter is a very well made product. JMAC customs has exceeded the expectations for those who own a milled receiver and were left with limited options to change out the stock. This was installed on an Arsenal SLR-95, which only had the upper tang. Since there was no lower tang to remove, The adapter is secured with an upper and lower anchor. I was not able to take full advantage of the JMAC M4-AK adapter to secure the lower anchor to the receiver. This adapter is so well made that even with the shortfalls of my receiver, it did an excellent job of securing the adapter with the bolts provided into both anchors. Thanks again.

Jmac m4-AK

Written by JOHN on Jul 15th 2021

The M4-AK is lightweight, well designed and easy to install. For those of you with a milled reciever you will spend far more time drilling out the rivets in the tang than you will actually assembling and installing this adapter. It has a flush fit and there is no wiggle between the receiver/M4-AK/buffer tube. This is my first purchase with JMAC and I am impressed with the customer support and quality of these parts. Special thanks to "Doc" at Show and Tuck for the easy to follow install vid.

M4-ak milled

Written by Clay on May 30th 2021

Adapter looks awesome and fits perfectly. The finish is amazing. Would recommend for anyone with a sam7 rifle.

Milled adapter

Written by Liam Sassman on May 25th 2021

Extremely nice product, fits perfectly flush. The only complaint I have Is wish it came with a bit of a longer screw for the top mount block. Maybe it's just the one I got but the top screw doesn't have much thread engagement, but I can get a little longer screw. ETA - The screw can't be longer or the bolt carrier will hit it


Written by JEFfrey ellis on Apr 8th 2021

This is very durable and well thought out and the only adapter for the Arsenal sam7r that I would consider using. Bravo Jmac LLC, you're a one of a kind company.

M4-AK Milled

Written by Dave on Aug 24th 2020

Obviously requires removal of the lower tang, which is a pain in the ass, but hey, nothing easy is worth doing right? Anyways, the M4-AK Milled stock adapter is awesome. It's absolutely rock solid, which I'd expect since everything JMac makes is awesome. Finally have adjustable length of pull on my SAM7R now.

Arsenal SA M-7

Written by Rocco on Aug 9th 2020

Clean fit. Removing the lower tang makes it nice knowing it isn’t a permanent alteration. That said, I’m never taking it off unless someone makes a folding version of this. Wish I could add a picture to this review. This thing looks super sweet installed.

M4-ak milled receiver Stock adapter

Written by max on Jun 26th 2020

Extremely well made and thought out. The machining on this thing is top notch and it mounts up rock solid. Easily the the best AR stock adapter out there for milled receiver AK's. I have tried a couple others before this one and they either (1) protruded a ridiculous amount beyond the rear of the receiver and added a bunch of unnecessary weight or (2) provided a terrible cheek weld. I really can't recommend this thing enough if you're looking to run an AR style buttstock/buffer tube on your milled gun as it puts the cheek weld right where it needs to be to run irons or a red dot.

Arsenal sam7

Written by Eliot torres on Jun 12th 2020

I've been waiting for a long time for an adapter for my arsenal sam7 fixed stock, this adapter literally fit perfect, meant to be. Took about 30 minutes, most of which i spent carefully drilling out the rivets for the lower tang. After that, took maybe 3 minutes to install. Feels completely solid, strong, totally worth it.

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