RRD-4C Sandman Face & Shoulder Mounts

Have a Key-Mo suppressor? We have the mounts! We have combined our popular and effective RRD-4C slim muzzle brake with the best suppressor mount in the industry, the @deadairsilencers Key-Mo! We now offer 2 types of Key-Mo Adapters, “Face Mount” and “Shoulder Mount”. So let’s dive into the differences!

Face Mount


As you know suppressing an AK can be a challenge and we wanted to offer a solution that would reduce the possibility of a baffle strike. We teamed up with the engineers at DeadAir and were able to utilize the principles of the Wolverine suppressor which uses the “Face” of the barrel instead of the “Shoulder” to make a device that makes suppressing an AK easy! In order to achieve this we actually counterbored and threaded the device further in allowing it to sleeve the barrel adding only 1.5” making it a perfect combo with our 14.5” barrel! So instead of chopping your barrel to 13” you now retain the additional barrel length while retaining the 16” OAL. Doing this also reduces the weight of the device. To properly time it device you use a crowning tool which ensures the end of the barrel is a true 90* (no shims required). We make the “Face Mount” device in 2 thread pitches 14mmLH and 1/2-28.

Shoulder Mount

The “Shoulder Mount” device is the industry standard and uses “Shoulder” of the barrel along with the provided shim kit to install and time properly. So if your rifle originally came with a crush washer this is the device for you! Our current offerings are 1/2-28 and 5/8-24 which are the most common barrel threads for 5.56/7.62 .223/.308.

All of the Key-Mo RRD-4C are machined from 17-4 stainless, nitride, have a .30 cal through hole and include a pin to permanently attach. The shoulder mount includes a shim kit.

We plan on expanding this line of muzzle brake suppressor adapters VERY soon so stay tuned!!!!