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RSA-YAKP: Just launched!

Check it out!!

Another addition to our RSA product line, the RSA-YAKP.




(Y)ugo - M85/M92




The RSA-YAKP was designed to be installed on Yugo M85/M92 pistols and has a 1913 picatinny rail that allows the installation of braces and/or stocks on approved Short Barreled Rifles.

The difference between the RSA-AKP & RSA-YAKP is that the YAKP is designed specifically to account for the angled rear trunnion on the M85/M92 receivers. This allows the stock/brace to be in-line with the bore.

The RSA-YAKP can be installed by simply drilling and tapping the rear trunnion.

Bolt: M8x1.25

6.9mm or 17/64” drill size for tap

It has a lip on the bottom that prevents it from rotating when installed.

Note that installing a stock on a pistol makes it an SBR, be sure to follow all local, state, and federal laws!