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OSC-13 (5.45x39) Specs

(O)ptic ready

(S)uppressor ready

(C)ompetition ready

(13) M-13 Industries collab

This particular OSC-13 caliber is 5.45x39.

We introduced the OSC-13 at Red Oktober, 2017.

The goal behind the OSC-13 was to spec out a rifle directed towards Kalashnikov Competitive Shooters, & we really believe we nailed the mark with our M-13 collaboration.

Below, you’ll find links to each product used in this build.

The fun part, you can custom create your one-of-a-kind cerakote paint job directly with Elevenmile Arms.


Pistol Grip

Charging Handle

Safety Selector

Handguard + Option: Full length railed gas tube


Optic Mount + Short Rail Mount



Gas Block + Options: Windage Drum & Front Sight Post



Stock Adapter

SIG Skeleton Stock discontinued, here's an alternative stock option

We were very selective in choosing our options for the OSC-13, but again- they’re options. You’re welcome to use any product you see fit. Collect your parts list and link up with M-13 for your very own OSC-13 build.