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AK Build with CW Gunwerks! 6 Part Video Series with Shop Visit!!

Follow us as we go to Sunny Miami Florida to Visit CW Gunwerks!

In this 7 Part series we do a shop tour and Ash builds her second AK with Carlos!

CW Gunwerks Links

Contact - info@cwgunwerks.com

CWGunwerks - Instagram - Facebook - Gunbroker

Click here to watch the complete series

CW Gunwerks Shop Visit

Part 1 - Inspecting parts and going over parts list

Part 2 - Riveting Front and Rear Trunnions

Part 3 - Riveting Trigger Guard and Fitting Mag Latch

Part 4 - Installing Barrel and Head-spacing

Part 5 - Installing Barrel Components

Part 6 - Final Assembly and Test Fire