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4C 26-1.5LH BLEM

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(R)ecoil(R)eduction(D)evice(4) ports(C)ompensator(26)mmLH threads


The new RRD-4C muzzle brake/compensator!

The RRD-4C is a lightweight Muzzle Brake Compensator that not only reduces recoil by 20% and virtually eliminates muzzle rise but also REDUCES FLASH*! This one of a kind combination device gives you control over your firearm like you've never had before while only adding 1.5" in length and 3 oz in weight! 

Product Specs;

  • Material: Military Grade 17-4PH Stainless Steel
  • Length: OAL 2.5"(63.5mm), Added length 1.5" (38.1mm)
  • Weight: 3.70 oz
  • Finish: Matte Black Nitride
  • Caliber: .360" bore will work with 5.56x45 and 7.62x39
  • Manufactured in the US and counts as 1 922r compliance part


  • M92 (PAP) Pistol and Carbine 
  • M85 (PAP) Pistol and Carbine
  • Spring and Detent required to install

Since the release of the original RRD-4, we have been tweaking the design to improve muzzle control and reduce weight. The RRD-4C has cut-outs on the top sides to allow gas to vent upwards in turn forcing the barrel downwards and virtually eliminating muzzle rise with an extremely low flash signature! 

Additional Pictures can be found HERE

* Reduces flash on barrels 11" and longer

See how the RRD-4C compares to 28 other popular AK muzzle devices in Flash Reduction!

AK Operators Union Video

Reviews (3)

Great proDuct site showing some growing pains

Written by AROUNDTHEFIRELLC on Aug 5th 2021

Probably some of the nicer stuff you’ll find anywhere. This Blem model looks great. Only thing I noticed is maybe the black is just slightly uneven.

Buy this right now

Written by David Lenzi on Jun 27th 2021

First, I agree with the other review that even though this is considered blemished, it was flawless. Second, this brake makes the recoil nearly non-existent.

Blem?? what blem??

Written by Timothy Yates on Mar 9th 2021

If this was a blem I'd never know it. Unless something was funky with the color I can't see anything wrong with it and I bought two. As for effectiveness, it works in reducing the muzzle rise and surprisingly it doesn't have a much of a flash at all. This is my first JMAC purchase and won't be my last.

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