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2C 14-1LH Slim

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(2) ports


(14)mmLH threads

(S)lim design

THIS compact muzzle brake adds 1” and weighs 1.2oz!

  • 17-4ph stainless steel
  • Black Nitride

Reviews (7)

2c 14-1lh slim

Written by Shawn on Apr 25th 2022

Great product! Jmac is a outstanding company when it comes to your firearm needs. Will definitely be doing more business with them


Written by Brandon on Mar 19th 2022

I'm very pleased with the 2c14lh slime. I like how small the break is and still be effective.its very light and dose not add any noticeable weight to the front. It's stream line and very nice machining work. Recommend this break. And a side not it dose not have a massive fire ball.

RRD-4C 24, RRD-2C 14 Slim, and RRD-2C 28 Slim

Written by Garrett R Penn on Jan 13th 2022

First and foremost, Klayco47 led me to JMac Customs. Now I've bought like 5 products, including 1 muzzle brake for each of my AKs. It's unbelievable how much they reduce recoil. Imagine your current recoil and cut it in half! I found myself OVER compensating for recoil while I was shooting!

Rrd 2c 14 slim

Written by Rodney polley on Jan 3rd 2022

Best devices on the market quality top notch can't say enough on design and effectiveness I have purchased a few different devices no better products exist

Perfect size brake

Written by Dalton on Aug 27th 2021

Perfect size for a small two chamber brake, matches up great with the contour of the barrel. Don’t hate me purists but running this on my ‘69 Tula AKM.

Slim compensator.

Written by Tyler H. on Jun 18th 2020

So they delivered on the title and made it slim! Its a nice, sleek, and well, slim compensator. If your looking for a well made and functional compensator look no further! Easy install took less than a minute! Tight fit, and could not be happier! For the price point its at your getting some real quality and it shows. Which is awesome because this thing isn't expensive. And in a world were we now get what we pay for, you can't beat the quality and you cant beat the price.

RRD-2C 14 Slim

Written by Max Bright on Jun 1st 2020

I'm about that AK life. I've used many muzzle devices over the years and this brake became my favorite very fast. Shipping was extremely fast, craftsmanship is top shelf, muzzle rise is almost non existent and it completely negates all backward movement from recoil. The day I got this brake I put a 1k case of 7.62x39 through my Romanian UF (a rifle I don't normally enjoy shooting) and left the range wishing I had brought more ammo. JMAC offers a top shelf product at great prices. Thank you Justin and Ashley and all the folks at JMAC for supporting the AK community and being a cornerstone in our base.

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